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5: LostChyld
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By: Dirty Rock

7: rockboy
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9: Washboard Ass
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10: Simon’s Ramblings
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Claire you need to get that shit back. Do you still have a key? Or did he buy them?
wait. $1.98 EACH? That's a GOOD price? I always thought 4/$5 was a bad price... y'all should move to Florida. Okay, don't. but avacado prices are awesome.
I had a boy in 10th grade make a positive comment on my nose, but he made it while horny, so I never really believed him.
Some dude on OKC once messaged me, "I love your nose!" Which is the only time in my life I have ever heard anything like that about my schnoz.
It's his mobile type that does that. I know what you mean about work there is a line of people wanting my job ( but they don't have the qualifications and experience to actually do it)
Sorry Liz. for some reason when I create a new post, only the title posts so I have to just put up a title and then add the post in comments.
No Cotija is made with a special process in special locations. Queso fresco is a bit more mass produced. But if you have it, it'll serve the same purpose.
I don't know. She looks different than she did in Dirty Dancing but is that the nose job or just age? Either was she looks good now.
Congrats and hope the festival ethos disappear

On Aftermath In the blog lemonade
Yay! Glad you had a great time and can't wait to see the new bling :)

On Aftermath In the blog lemonade